At the Future Angler Foundation, we help schools bring fishing into their program and curriculum. Whether a passionate angler within their community brings the need to the FAF, or if a school has a need to fill, we help make it all work together. Add to this grassroots component the “Getting Families Fishing” Initiative that boasts over 30 educational videos and corresponding curriculum and the FAF’s programs become the most unique and utilized angler educational program in the country. Find out more about this unique program by clicking here.

Kids are hungry to learn. Fishing utilizes a lot of science, a great fit for education curriculum. “Our fishing programs were probably the best programs for kids and families that we have ever had at the park,” shared Cindy Mueller, Naturalist Educator with the DNR at High Cliff State Park in Sherwood, Wisconsin. Mueller runs school-based programs with the help of people and product from the FAF. “We have had tremendously positive feedback from the adults, and I am still getting replies from those who attended. What an incredible day.”

Field days bring outdoor experiences to the students – or in some cases, the students to the outdoor experiences. “We are so grateful for the help from local anglers who share information about the fish, the habitat and how to catch fish,” continued Mueller.

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